Artist’s Statement

My thoughts are occupied by today’s post-modern existence, by this virtual world that people must live in.

My artwork targets the human subconscious. Through it, I explore and analyze the lost ideals and dreams that remain in the shadowy realms of the human condition. My works shed light on what many are afraid to face.

In almost all of my art, and especially the abstract watercolor collection, there exists a sort of poetic motion that brings music and rhythm to an otherwise silent medium. Inertia has no place in my works. I, also, embrace taboos and controversy through figurative representations of the underlying codes and mysteries of human nature.

Artist Toby Malek - New York City 1999

After having taken a long period of time to work with new media and digital arts, I have returned to traditional methods of creating art, namely watercolor, oil and acrylic paints, to reproduce my vision of “Humanity’s Forgotten Dreams”.

The contrast created by using traditional materials and techniques to explore the more subjugated, surrealistic aspects of contemporary human existence amplifies the ideas behind my work.

My inspiration comes from our collective subconscious influences, reflected in images of easily identifiable surfaces. Nudity and sex are only fractions of life, yet are the outer layers common to all that, in my works, mirror our inner conflicts and impulses. As unique as we are, I feel that, basically, we are far more similar than we may, at first, think.

For most, my art is most comfortably observed in private. Finding a place to showcase my art has never been simple and continues to be the greatest challenge of my professional career as an artist.