Artist’s Biography

Toby Malek is a Canadian artist and thinker. He employs a variety of mediums from watercolour to acrylic and oil paint, to video and installation art.

Toby studied digital art in Vienna under Prof. Peter Weibel, an Austrian artist, curator and theoretician. He was also a member of the “Vienna Actionism”, a short and violent movement in 20th-century art.

In 2003, Toby earned his Masters Degree in Media Art from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna with a final project of video and sounds installation.

Presently, Human and Erotic are central themes in Toby’s artwork. He highlights the harshness of our times in his paintings as well as the beauty and perfection of nature and the natural body.

Being an artist, in Toby’s opinion, brings with it many responsibilities. An insightful artist allows his art to affect him on the most basic of levels – how you think, how you feel, your connection with yourself, others and the environment. Most importantly, what you decide to offer and express outwardly in your lifetime.

Self-described as a World Citizen, Toby is a resident of Vancouver, Canada. His artwork has been exhibited in Austria, Germany, the UK and Canada.