If you ever travel to British Columbia, Canada, you should visit a small city on the US border called White Rock. It gets it’s name from a big rock, which is painted white. This large, white rock figures prominently in narratives of the local Coast Salish native peoples. According to wikipedia it has an oral history.
Amaizing sunset in White Rock, a nice olace in BC, Canada

One legend tells that the white rock marks the landing spot of a stone that was hurled across the Strait of Georgia by a young Indian chief. It was said that he and his bride would move from Vancouver Island to wherever the rock landed to make a home together. It was their descendants who became the Semiahmoo first nation. (‘Semiahmoo’ is the Coast Salish word for ‘half-moon’, describing the shape of the bay.)

White Rock, a nice double rainbow picture.
Your eyes cannot believe what you are seeing. It is almost like a illustrated picture but these pictures are all untouched.

White Rock, rainbow second part of picture.
On left side more orangish color, on right side more bluish. Picture speaks for itself.

You don’t know which side to look, in front of you there is an amazing rainbow, behind is a beautiful sunset to watch.

Beautiful sunset at the White Rock beach
You don’t need to do anything to make you pictures abstract, nature has already provided the most abstract scene.

A sailboat approaching White Rock
A sailboat approaching White Rock …

A beautiful ending for a long day at the beach of White Rock.
And the end of the day …

I wish you were here …


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